Ornamental Iron Fencing DIY

Ornamental iron fencing is a great choice for a beautiful fence that is also maintenance free. Line bracket for Ameristar panel. All of our ornamental iron fittings and accessories come from Ameristar Fence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ameristar is the largest ornamental fence company in the world. Their products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. You can find the warranty on their website.

Ornamental iron fencing comes in many different styles and heights. Majestic has a smooth top rail. Genesis come with an open top. And, Classic panels have a spear point. Double ring for Ameristar panel.Ornamental fencing is available in both residential and commercial grades. The standard color is black but other colors are available as well.

We carry a large assortment of fittings for ornamental iron fence products. For the Genesis style of fence we have both quad-flares and triads. All styles of fencing can have either double rings or coronas added to the panels. We carry four different types of brackets for attaching the panels to the posts: line, universal, flat-mount and swivel. We also sell finials, double rings and coronas.

Get your panels and posts locally and then save money by getting your Ameristar fittings from us. We will ship your order directly to your door.

Majestic panel
Majestic panels have a smooth upper surface.
Genesis panel
Genesis panels have an open top. The openings can be plugged or topped with finials. We stock two types of finials: triads and quadflares.
Classic panel
Classic panels have a spear point.
Ameristar Post
Ameristar Post
Posts come in three heights: 5' 9" for four foot fences, 6' 9" for five foot and 7' 9" for six foot. Each post comes with a cap.
Flatmount bracket
Flatmount bracket
Flat mount brackets are used to attach a panel to any flat surface such as an iron post, a wood 4 x 4 or even the siding on a house. Each bracket comes with one self-drilling screw and one nut/bolt.
Universal bracket
Universal bracket
Universal brackets are used to attach one panel to one post. Universal brackets are used at ends and corners. They can also be used on line posts if desired. Each bracket comes with one self-drilling screw and one nut/bolt.
Line bracket
Line bracket
Line brackets attach two panels to one post. They can only be used on line posts. They are the most cost effective and also the easiest to install. Each bracket comes with one self-drilling screw and two nuts/bolts.
Swivel bracket
Swivel bracket
Swivel brackets are used to attach the panels at an angle other than 90 degrees. They can attach to any flat surface. Each bracket comes with two self-drilling screws.
Ball cap
Ball cap
Ball caps can replace the square caps that come with each post. Sold individually.
Quadflare and triad
Quadflare and triad
Finials can be added to any Genesis panel. Triads have a three point shape. Quadflares are 4 sided with a ball top Each panel requires 21 finials. Sold individually.
Double ring and corona
Double ring and corona
Double-rings (same thickness as panel) or lower cost coronas (made from sheet metal) can be added to any panel. Each panel requires 11 double-rings or coronas. Sold individually

Fence Calculator

With our calculator it is easy to determine what you will need for your fencing project. Make a quick sketch of the fence line. Measure and record the distances between each terminal post. Using the calculator select the height of the fence. Enter the quantity of each type of terminal post. (The number of line posts needed will be calculated for you.) Enter the lengths for each fence section. The calculator can handle up to 12 different fence sections.

The example fence below would have: 6 end posts, 4 corner posts, 1 bare post and fence sections of 10, 52, 32, 44, 52, 8, and 4 feet. Do not enter any lengths for the gates. You can also send your sketch to us and we will part out your fence for you.

The accuracy of the calculator is not guaranteed. It is intended only as a tool to help you part out your fence. The items listed cannot be put directly into a shopping cart. Jeften does not sell or ship any posts, panels or gates. We encourage you to get those locally and support your local economy. But then save money, and time, by getting the parts and accessories you need shipped directly to you.

Yard Drawing

Ornamental Iron Fence Calculator

Height of fence: 4 5 6

End Post Corner Post Bare Post

Fence Sections (in feet):

Finials (for Genesis style only): No Yes

Rings: No Yes


Ornamental Iron Fence Installation Instructions

All fence posts should be set in concrete or foam. If you are using concrete be certain that the hole depth goes below the frost line for your area. The frost-line can vary from 0" to over five feet deep. If the concrete does not go below this point the post can be shoved up when the frost comes out of the ground in the spring. If you are using structural foam there is no need to go below the frost-line as foam is not affected by the spring thaw like concrete is. In either case be sure that your post is plumb and square. Let the concrete set up for at least three days. The foam will be ready in about an hour.

1. Set the posts a minimum of 21" deep and 93 3/4" O.C.(+/- 1/2").

2. We recommend feathering the last few panels in each line of fence if necessary.

3. Attach the panels to the posts with brackets (universals for ends/corners - line brackets for line posts).

Montage Installation Video

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