Wood Privacy Fencing DIY

Wood fences have a classic look that is timeless. Contrary to popular belief a wood fence can actually be maintenance free. With a steel post a wood fence can last for a very long time. If you do not stain the wood it will naturally change to shade of gray. You can also use a traditional wood post. The pickets are usually cedar although redwood is also an option.

Fence Calculator

With our calculator it is easy to determine what you will need for your fencing project. Make a quick sketch of the fence line. Measure and record the distances between each terminal post. (The number of line posts needed will be calculated for you.) Select the type of post. Enter the quantity of each type of terminal post. Enter the lengths of each fence section. Include all gate posts in the corner post count and enter the gate openings in the fence sections. You can also send your sketch to us and we will part out your fence for you. The accuracy of the calculator is not guaranteed. It is intended only as a tool to help you part out your fence. Jeften sells and ships only those items listed on the "Products" pages.

The example fence below would have: 1 end post, 9 corner posts, 1 bare post and fence sections of 4, 10, 52, 32, 12, 44, 52, 8, 5, and 4 feet. You are always welcome to send your sketch to us and we will part out your fence for you.

Yard Drawing

Wood Fence Calculator

Type of Post: VersaPost Wood 4 x 4 Round Steel

End Post Corner Post Bare Post

Fence Sections (in feet):


Wood Privacy Fence Installation Instructions

All fence posts should be set in concrete or foam. If you are using concrete be certain that the hole depth goes below the frost line for your area. The frost-line can vary from 0" to over five feet deep. If the concrete does not go below this point the post can be shoved up when the frost comes out of the ground in the spring. If you are using structural foam there is no need to go below the frost-line as foam is not affected by the spring thaw like concrete is. In either case be sure that your post is plumb and square. Let the concrete set up for at least three days. The foam will be ready in about an hour. For wood posts include a 6" layer of gravel below the concrete and crown the top for drainage. Recommended hole diameters: VersaPost - 6", Round Steel - 8", Wood Post - 12".


1. Install the rails with screws inserted through the open C-channel.

2. Attach the fence pickets to the rails.

Round Steel Posts

1. Install two brackets on each post at the correct height.

2. Install a cap on each post.

3. Attach the rails to the brackets.

4. Attach the fence pickets to the rails.

Wood Posts

1. Attach the rails to the posts.

2. Attach the fence pickets to the rails.

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