Science, Evolution and Christianity

Some of these letters are my responses to articles that I have read either online, in magazines or in my local paper. The others are simply my observations.

Is Evolution Just a Theory? Our state legislature is continually attempting to belittle evolutionary theory. I feel that these attempts are lacking in evidence.

Islam and Christianity Are Not the Same A reader of our local newspaper claimed that Islam and Christianity had a lot in common. I knew that this claim was in error.

Evolution Requires Climate Change We often read about climate change and how it will negatively impact the environment. This letter was my rebuttal to those who claim to be both environmentalists and evolutionists at the same time.

National Geographic Flunks Evolution 101 National Geographic is always advocating the truth of biological evolution. And yet many of their articles are directly opposed to the requirements of evolution. I questioned why, if evolution is true, does National Geographic magazine spend so much of their time criticizing climate change and species extinction.

Evolution and Racism Go Hand-in-Hand James Watson, one of the co-discoverers of DNA, was fired over his opinions on racism. Charles Darwin knew that racism is a part of evolutionary theory.

Earth Day Is a Scientific Hoax There were many articles in our local paper regarding Earth Day and our need to protect the Earth from climate change. Earth Day is just another one of those man-made media sensations that has no scientific basis. It does in fact violate the very foundation of evolution.

So What Makes a Theory Anyway? Readers debated whether evolution should be taught in public school. I am in favour of teaching evolution in science class. My problem is that not all of the evidence is being presented to our students.

Do You Need Evolution to Be in Politics? A reader questioned how any elected official could govern correctly if they did not accept evolution. I do not think that evolution has anything to do with a persons ability to govern.

Pretty Pictures - Bad Science National Geographic magazine had an issue devoted to photography. In almost every article they talked about our need to prevent climate change and preserve species. I questioned why the writers at this magazine advocate that which is contrary to the theory of evolution.

Creationism Does Not Belong In Our Public Schools Elected officials in my home state are continually trying to get creationism taught in science class. I think that only science should be taught in science class. Neither creationism or intelligent design qualify as science.

Evolution By Any Other Name The term evolution has evolved over time. I think that this was an attempt to make the word evolution more palatable to the American public.

How the Christians Stole Christmas Many Christians today bemoan the commercialization of Christmas. But the first Christians never celebrated the birth of Christ like they do today. Don't blame the retailers for trying to make a buck. If you sell it they will come.

Christian Students Do Not Belong In Public Schools I do not think that most Christian students should attend public school. But this is only because they have not received the proper training.

Christian Students Belong In Public Schools Christian students should attend public school. But only those who are properly trained.

Science Fiction Becomes Fact - The Oort Cloud The evidence for a young universe is politely explained away with a fairy tale.

The Current Model of Star Formation Is Only Conjecture - Not Fact The evidence for a young universe is politely explained away with a fairy tale.


Sin is not doing what God tells us to or else doing that which He tells us not to. It has nothing to do with what we think, feel or believe. What is sin is based solely on God's word. Too many people claim to know right from wrong without any foundation. The Bible is that foundation. If the Bible says it - it is true. But if the Bible does not say it - it may be true or it may not.

Whenever I talk about sin I am not putting myself above anyone else. I know that the only reason Paul called himself the "chief of sinners" was because he had never met me. I find myself constantly doing what I shouldn't and not doing what I should. And I tend to repeat the same sins over and over even though I know better. I sometimes think that for me to talk about sin is hypocritical because I am so sinful. But if a person had to be perfect to talk about what is sin then the Bible would never have been written. The Bible was written by sinners. When I look at what David wrote in the Psalms, and then how he lived his life, I see a great contradiction. But even though he was a sinner David had a heart that was pleasing to the Lord. I pray that I would have a heart like David.

When it comes to sin an analogy that I like to use is that of myself with a bow and arrow. If I am aiming at the target when I shoot the arrow I have a chance of hitting it. I still may miss but at least I have a chance. But If am aiming in some other direction then I have no chance. The first thing that I need to do is aim for the target. Only then can I hope to hit it. The target(s) are the commands of God. When I miss the target - I have sinned.

I find that most Christians agree that certain actions (eg. sexual immorality and drunkeness) are sinful. But it seems that there are other actions which the Bible calls sin that for some Christians seem to be not quite so "sinful". There are also things that most people know are wrong but according to God's word they are not sinful at all. And then there are those actions which could go either way. I know that no one can judge another persons heart and I make no attempt to do so. These are simply my thoughts on sin.

Bible Reading Christians are commanded to be in God's word daily.

Obesity Obesity is just a nice word for being fat. According to God's word it is just as sinful for a person to be fat as it is to be drunk.

Slavery Human slavery is as rampant today as it was in the past. I find it strange that, according to the Bible, slavery is not a sin.

Laziness Laziness and Christianity do not mix. Christians should work hard in all that they do.

Retirement The Bible clearly states that we are to work diligently to bring people into God's kingdom. This should change our outlook on "retirement".

Peddling the Words of God For Profit The words of God should not be for sale.


These letters come about usually because of something I have seen or read about. Some of them are my simply my observations on life.

The Fire Department Goes Shopping Often I would see a big red fire truck in the parking lot of our local grocery store. They usually parked in the fire lane. Inside the store the fireman were walking around buying groceries. This appeared to be a waste of my tax dollars.

The Faith of Abraham I finally realize what is meant when the Bible says that "Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness".

The High Cost of Healthcare I find the current state of health care in this country to be short-sighted.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Cutting Trees Every year we seem to have major forest fires. And yet we cannot cut the trees.

Fishing Is More Cruel Than Hunting People protest hunting when in fact fishing is a very cruel sport.

Obamacare Gets It Right I find myself agreeing with one part of President Obama's health care plan.

Private Land Belongs to Private Citizens Our elected officials attempted to influence the land use policy of a private company.

Which Version of the Bible is the Best One? This is the story of my search for what I consider to be the best version of God's word.

My Memory Verses Christians should memorize Bible passages or even the entire Bible. This is a list of the verses that I have memorized over the years.