Christian Students Do Not Belong In Public Schools

At least most of them don't. No nation would send soldiers off to war without any training. And yet this is exactly what many Christian parents do. Christian students who attend a public school without having evidence for their faith are actually untrained, and unarmed, soldiers.

The public schools of our nation are mandated by federal law to be atheistic. And even though it is legal for an individual student to pray or study God's word the administration and staff cannot participate. A Christian principal or teacher cannot publicly profess their faith to their students. These activities supposedly violate the separation of church and state. When I was in school we had Christmas break. As a class we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Those days are gone. And where God is not present - Satan is.

Can you imagine dropping your child off at a school with the words "Atheism High, Home of the Demons" written on the side of the building? It is not that the teachers, administrators or any other school employees are actually demons. But public schools are required to promote a naturalistic world view to their students. A world view that is devoid of God. And nowhere is this more apparent than in science class.

Scientific reasoning is taught in the public schools as the ultimate source of truth. And evolution is considered to be the foundation of almost all of the modern sciences. By federal mandate science teachers in the public schools must teach evolution as a fact. Science teachers in the public schools are required to teach that life originated on its' own and that humans are a product of random chance events. This of course means that there is no need for God.

Not all teachers present evolution in the way that the federal government wants them to. I participated in a radio interview with several public school teachers concerning the teaching of evolution. The majority of these teachers were conservative Christians. When asked what they did when it came to the teaching of evolution most of them said that they just skipped it and did not teach it at all. I found this to be the wrong response for two reasons.

One, if the teacher was a Christian, then not teaching evolution as instructed would be a sin. They would be guilty of disobeying God. The Bible clearly states that we are to obey the authorities that God has placed over us.

Second, by not presenting the evidence, these teachers are denying their students the education that they will need later in life. Whether it is in college, watching a nature show or reading National Geographic magazine these students will be exposed to evolution on an almost daily basis. Without a solid foundation in the sciences, especially knowing the evidence for and against evolution, they will be unable to discern the truth.

A teacher of science needs to do just that - teach science. Whether it is in 1st grade, or 12th, a good science education is required for the modern times in which we live. Whether a student accepts, or rejects, evolution is up to them. But in any event they will need evidence in order to make an informed decision. In my opinion, if a Christian teacher is not allowed to present the evidence for, and against, evolution and they also will not teach evolution as a fact, then that teacher should not be working in a public school.

A Christian student cannot expect any encouragement from the employees of a public school. They need to depend on God, their parents and the local church. The public schools of this nation are a mission field. The public schools need Christian students. But only those students who are properly trained. Without that training they are only unarmed soldiers being sent off to war.