Earth Day Is a Scientific Hoax

Another Earth day has come and gone. And once more gullible people are lulled into a "save the environment" mindset. The fact that many Americans are scientifically illiterate is well documented. The cause is usually assumed to be the result of a poor education in our public schools. What is often overlooked is the effect of the liberal media and the environmental movement on our popular culture. The threat of global warming, the loss of the ozone layer and other climate changes are constantly being brought to our attention in papers, magazines and on television.

These environmental changes are then blamed for the decline, and even the extinction, of different species around the world. Reports that are meant to bring tears to our eyes, and open our wallets, bombard us on a daily basis. Save the whales. Save the sea turtles. Save the cockroach. What in Darwin's name are we thinking? As any student of high school biology knows environmental change is essential in order for evolution to take place. When the environment changes species either adapt and survive or else they go extinct in favor of a more advanced species.

Extinctions, especially mass extinctions, are known to be one of the major driving forces of evolution. And yet the media is full of articles, nature shows and news reports bemoaning climate change and the subsequent loss of species. This same media lauds the millions of tax dollars spent on captive breeding programs that are meant to keep species from going extinct. Wealthy people who buy up thousands, or even millions, of acres of land to "preserve the natural order" are considered to be heroes of the environmental movement. This environmental movement, as supported by our liberal media, seems intent on preserving our planet in its present condition for eternity. If this movement is successful there will be no climate change and no loss of species. We are led to believe that this is a good thing.

But imagine for a moment that 65 million years ago an alien species happened to come to planet earth. They observe the dinosaurs gasping for breath due to the effects of a large meteor impact. Instantly they spring into action and start a campaign to save the dinosaurs from such a deplorable death. If they were successful where would we be? Well actually we wouldn't be. That is because without the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals, of which we are one, would never have had a chance to evolve. Evolutionary theory clearly teaches that climate change and extinctions, especially mass extinctions, are a necessary part of the process. Preserving the natural order is counter-intuitive to the modern theory of evolution.

Evolutionary theory demands that we should not be trying to save species but to exterminate them. Only then can our descendants reach their full potential. Or, are we so selfish as to try to keep the status quo and deny our offspring the chance to evolve into something much greater and better than ourselves? If we truly cared about the future of our planet, and its inhabitants, we would encourage climate change and species extinction.