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Do You Need Evolution to Be in Politics?

A recent letter to the editor criticizing a persons ability to govern based upon their opinion on origins is just one more example of the poor education received by most Americans. It is unreasonable and illogical to assume that a persons acceptance of evolution is a requirement in order for them to do their jobs. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Issac Newton, Galileo, Socrates, Martin Luther, and probably a few others, were very good at what they did without the theory of evolution. The theory of course had not been developed in their lifetimes.

But what about our modern era? Let us assume for a moment that the entire human race suddenly comes down with a case of collective amnesia. No one has even heard of evolution. Let us assume that no one knows, or cares, what happened past six thousand years ago. What would people do if they did not know where they came from? They would do exactly the same things they are doing now. Doctors, lawyers, janitors, accountants, TV repairmen and politicians – yes even politicians- would continue to do the very same things they have always done. In fact the only ones affected by the loss of evolutionary theory would be evolutionary biologists. When is the last time you ran into one of those at a party?

It is often assumed that evolution is the foundation of our modern era and that without it we would still be in the dark ages. This is simply not the case. What we believe about where we came from has no affect on our ability to function. A person could believe that they came from a cabbage patch and it would make no difference on how they live their lives. A person might be the best politician ever. Or he might be the worst. But whatever he is has absolutely nothing to do with his opinion on origins.