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The Fire Department Goes Shopping

When I grow up I want to be a fireman. No, I don't really want to help people in need. I just want to take the big red fire-truck to the local grocery store, park in the emergency lane and go shopping. Or, maybe I'll take that same truck that costs taxpayers well over $500,000 and let it idle in the street while I load sports equipment from my house into my personal car. I might even take it up to the frozen yogurt place for dessert. (All of the aforementioned sarcasm is based on real events.)

Now I don't actually mind paying taxes that provide a service to our community. And, I do think that we have a fine emergency service in this area. But I hate it when my taxes are being wasted. And this appears to be a waste of my tax dollars. I have lived here for over twenty years and do not remember this ever happening before. Maybe somebody can explain why this policy makes sense. In my opinion, a fire truck in not a personal vehicle. It is a taxpayer owned piece of equipment. And as a taxpayer I think that it should be used for official business only - like fighting fires.

These days when I hear a fire siren I am never sure if there is a real emergency or just another twelve-hour sale going on at the local grocery store.