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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Cutting Trees

President Obama is calling for reduced emissions of greenhouse gases from coal-fired power plants. This will cause economic hardship for many Americans. Meanwhile, so-called environmentalists file multiple lawsuits that prevent the logging of our National Forests. This results in an over abundance of dead and dying trees that are currently burning out of control. These burning trees are releasing tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. These are the very same gasses that Obama is trying to reduce.

Wouldn't it make more sense to pass a law requiring that our forests be logged? Young fast-growing trees absorb much more carbon from the atmosphere than old mature trees do. This would help to reverse climate change. We would employ more people not less. There would not be as many wildfires releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Millions of dollars would be saved by not trying to put out all of these fires. Fewer people would lose their homes to the wildfires. Firemen would not needlessly die trying to put out the fires. Then there is the negative impact that these fires have on tourism, people with respiratory ailments and wildlife. And, last but not least, we would actually be able to see the mountains again.

Wildfires are a natural, and necessary, part of nature. Wildfires today however are larger and more damaging due to years of misguided attempts to “protect” the environment. It is time for our federal and state governments to enact legislation requiring that our public forests be logged. Frivolous lawsuits would be forbidden. This logging would be done under the watchful eye of trained public professionals. Professionals who know what a healthy forest looks like. I am not often in favour of trying to legislate peoples behaviour. But in this case it appears to be necessary.