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Islam and Christianity Are Not the Same

I always appreciate the lively discussion of Christianity that takes place in our local paper. Whether one believes the Bible to be true or not, the debate is usually animated, informative, and for the most part, civil. Many readers have questioned the validity of the Bible in the light of modern science. Some have also questioned the goodness of the Biblical God because of past indiscretions by believers. They point out the hypocrisy of events such as the crusades among others. These comments are not without merit. Christians are called to represent God's ideals here on earth. Unfortunately some succeed and some do not. That point is obviously and painfully true.

But there is another religion on earth that is making headlines at this very moment. This religion has at its center its own holy book: the Koran. But I have yet to read on this page, or anywhere for that matter, a scientific critique of the Koran. This leaves me perplexed. Does the Koran have evidence for its historicity that is above reproach? Are the writings in this book compatible with modern science? These seem like questions that should be asked and yet they are not. Why the silence? This religion also has followers that have killed and maimed many innocent people in the name of God. Not a day goes by without a headline proclaiming yet another suicide bomber wreaking havoc and destruction in the name of Islam. And yet not a word is spoken against this religion. Why the silence? Some will politely label the individual bomber as an aberration and yet never criticize the religion itself.

If Christians were the ones committing these atrocious acts I doubt very much that the media, or the contributors to this page, would be quite so understanding. I do not personally know of one person who participated in the crusades and yet I, as a Christian, am still held accountable for those events of long ago. This all leaves me very confused. Go ahead and criticize Christianity, Christians and the Bible if you like. God can take it and so can I. But please hold Islam, Muslims and the Koran to the very same standards.