National Geographic Photo Issue

Another typical National Geographic magazine. Pretty pictures. Bad science. Each and every article in this issue spoke of the need to save the earth or save a species. What part of evolutionary theory do the writers at NG not understand? It is estimated that only 1% of all the species that have ever lived on the earth are still here today. So what happened to the rest? They went extinct of course. Why?

Because their environment had changed. Throughout history the earth's environment has constantly changed. Oceans rise and fall. Glaciers form and then retreat. Species invade different habitats and drive other species to extinction. All of this is necessary in order for evolution to proceed. I suggest that everyone who works at NG read the book "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin. In this book Darwin explains the need for environmental change and the subsequent extinction of species. Extinctions, including mass extinctions, are necessary in order for evolution to occur. If the dinosaurs had not gone extinct due to a massive environmental change then I probably would not be here to write this.

All this talk of conservation is more suited to creationism than evolution. Creationists believe that when a species goes extinct the individuals themselves are gone forever. Evolutionists know that other more fit individuals have simply taken their place. Hopefully in the next issue we will get the pretty pictures and good science as well.