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Evolution and Racism Go Hand-in-Hand

It was strange to see James Watson forced to resign his position as chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York over the race related comments that he recently made. As a pioneer of DNA research James Watson was only stating the obvious consequences of evolutionary theory. Consequences that Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory, accepted as well.

Today, evolution is thought to be driven by random chance mutations in the DNA of living things. As a result, if all humans have evolved from a common ancestor over long periods of time, there should be differences between the races. His opinion of what those differences are may be totally incorrect but there should be differences just the same. Of course this type of comment usually draws widespread condemnation from many people. "How could someone think that way", "We are all equal", or as Horton says "A person is a person no matter how small". But let's take an example from the animal kingdom. Do all breeds of dogs have the same traits or characteristics? Are not some breeds better runners, better swimmers or do not some have a more developed sense of smell than others? Through the eyes of evolution we humans are also merely animals.

The probability that all races of humans have by random chance events developed exactly the same attributes, in exactly the same time frame, to exactly the same extent, is infinitesimally small. Random chance events never work out quite that neatly. To accept evolution is to accept the fact that there will be differences between species and races and breeds - humans included.

The theory of evolution carries much more baggage than the sanitized version that you were taught in public school. If you accept evolution as the reason for your existence then be prepared to accept all of its consequences as well.

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