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Retirement Is A Sin

Sin: Not doing what God tells us to or else doing that which He tells us not to.

So what does the Bible have to say about retirement? Actually it doesn’t say anything about it. The term retirement is not in the Bible at all.

But the Bible does speak about work. It says that we should work at everything with all of our hearts. Christ prays for workmen to go into the harvest field because the harvest is ripe. The Bible speaks of the time being short and the return of Christ as coming at any time. This does not sound like retirement to me.

The closest the Bible comes to the concept of retirement is in a parable that Jesus taught. In this parable there is a rich man who had too much stuff. This man decides to build a barn to store all of this stuff. Then he can “sit back and take it easy”. What is the outcome of this parable? This man is severely rebuked by Jesus. He is actually called a fool. I am not the smartest person in the world but even I know that I never want to be called a fool by the Son of God. We are to trust in God for our finances and to keep our treasure in Heaven.

Watch any commercial on finances, listen to any banker, read any article on money and you will hear that your ultimate goal should be to build up a “nest egg” for retirement. Save up your money, invest in stocks, build up your IRA. We are told that we should accumulate as much stuff as possible as quickly as possible. All of this so that we can: “sit back and take it easy” in our “golden years”. Sounds very similar to the rich man in the parable.

The Bible does not state that we need to keep working in our present position until the day we die. But it does state that we are to work diligently while we are alive here in earth. What we should be working for is the advancement of the kingdom of God. Rather than travelling the country in an RV, or spending our summers golfing what we should be doing is trying to bring others into God’s kingdom. Our work does not end just because we make it to the age of 65.

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