Slavery is Not a Sin

Sin: Not doing what God tells us to or else doing that which He tells us not to.

Slavery is not a sin. There is no place in the Bible where slavery is condemned. There are hundreds of verses that talk about slavery and yet none of them speak of it as being sinful. This idea of course goes against almost everything that we hear and read about slavery. It goes against the opinions of most people. It also goes against what I believe.

I think that slavery is wrong. I have never been a slave and I never want to be a slave. I have never had a slave and I have no intention of ever having one either. I think that the idea of one human having another human being as a slave is disgusting. But according to God it is still not a sin.

In all of scripture there is not one verse that says slavery is wrong. The Bible actually encourages slaves to be obedient to their masters - even when they are mistreated. Masters are told to treat their slaves properly as they too have a master in heaven. Slavery is not cast in a positive light yet it is never declared to be sinful. This fact has always been very perplexing to me. At one time I had a negative view of God because of it.

I now realize that God is more concerned about our eternal life than our temporary life here on earth. We are told to fix our eyes on what is unseen and not on what is seen. Whatever we might have to endure on earth is completely insignificant compared to what happens next. Whether we are a slave or free really has no eternal importance. I believe that God cares more for our character – how we glorify Him- than for our very temporary physical existence.

All of this is easy for me to say as I live as a free person in a country that was founded on Christian principles. I know that there are millions of slaves in the world today and that most of them would love to trade places with me. People condemn slavery and justifiably so. But all of this does not change one simple fact: according to God's word slavery is not a sin. (My opinion on this subject does not in any way apply to sex slavery which is a clear violation of God's word)