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Science and Christian Belief

Scientific evidence indicates that:

Circumstantial evidence indicates that:


The preceding statements go against the current teachings of modern science. They contradict what is taught in almost every public school and university. And yet they are supported by the evidence. In this paper I will examine the evidence for the origin of both the physical universe and living things. When the evidence is properly examined it will be clear that these statements are both reasonable and logical.

I realize that there are many other well-written sources for the information that is found here. Many have been authored by people more educated than myself. However, I personally find that some of these sources present extremely technical information that only a person well-versed in a particular field could understand. Others present the information with a personal bias where it is often difficult to tell fact from personal opinion. There is nothing wrong with open debate. But any debate should have its basis in factual evidence. This paper is written toward that end.

I will do my best to clearly demarcate what is fact and what is my personal opinion. Each topic may have one or two sections. Each section will be clearly marked as "Fact" or "Observation". In the sections that entitled "Fact" I will do my best to present the accepted fact(s) of that particular topic. The sections that are entitled "Observation" will be my personal viewpoint concerning that topic. I do it in this way so that there will be no confusion as to what is my opinion and what is not.

There is no particular order as to what is written. I do however make an attempt to present the information in a logical sequence. To access different topics it may be easiest to refer to the Table of Contents. There are links to the Table of Contents at the end of each section. As in any discussion it is important to define terms. It is often difficult for people to discuss science and religion at any time without ending up in an argument. This is especially true when using different terminology. As needed I will define the terms used in this paper to hopefully reduce unnecessary, and unprofitable, arguments.

Both science and Christianity claim to know how this universe came into existence. Modern science states that this universe, and life itself, is nothing more than a series of fortunate accidents. Christianity states that the God of the Bible purposefully created this universe of ours. There are some who will claim than science and Christianity are compatible. It will be made clear that these are two opposing, and incompatible, viewpoints regarding origins. As we consider the claims of these two opposing viewpoints it is important to determine just who is telling the truth. But what is truth?


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