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Conclusions on Science and Christianity

Where did I come from? Why am I here? What will happen to me when I die? It is often said that these are the three questions that everyone asks themselves at one one point in their lives. Over the years I have found that most people can be classified into one of three different categories regarding their answers to these three questions:

1. Those who seek evidence for what they believe. This group includes mainly the scientifically literate. In actual numbers this group appears to make up a very small minority of the human race.

2. Those who are confident in what they believe but have little or no evidence to support those beliefs. This group includes most of the worlds religious and many scientifically enlightened as well. In actual numbers this group appears to form the largest segment of the worlds population.

3. Those who do not seem too concerned one way or the other. The members of this group may ask themselves those questions but they do not appear to spend too much time worrying about the answers. Some in this group will move into one of the other two groups as death draws closer. In actual numbers this group appears to be dominant mainly in the Western world and other material oriented cultures.

There are two distinct viewpoints concerning the answers to those three fundamental questions - science and religion. Of all the worlds religions only Judaism and Christianity make any effort to back up their claims with evidence. As Christianity can be considered the culmination, or continuation, of Judaism it has been the religious focus of this paper.

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