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The Facts Concerning Evolution

Evolution can be defined as change over time. Most people, when they hear the word evolution, tend to associate it with Charles Darwin and his idea of descent with modification. But the word evolution itself has a much broader meaning. Anything that has changed over time can be said to have evolved. Computers have evolved over time as they have changed in form and function. Automobiles today do not look the same today as they did 50 years ago. Both the form and function of the automobile has evolved over time.

Observations on Evolution

There is no argument that evolution occurs. But when it comes to the evolution of living things it gets a little more complicated. Therefore it is important to properly define the term evolution. The word evolution as it relates to living things has in recent times been broken down into two distinct categories: macro-evolution and micro-evolution.

Macro/Micro Evolution

Home » Science-and-christian-belief » Evolution