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Punctuated Equilibrium

The Facts concerning Punctuated Equilibrium

There are many scientists who do not believe that small changes in an organisms DNA can result in the wide variation of species we see no matter how much time is allowed. These scientists believe that major changes took place in short periods of time. Evolution would take place, then stop for a while, and then take place again. This type of evolution is known as punctuated equilibrium. A well known proponent of this idea was the late Harvard biologist Steven Jay Gould. Although not as widely accepted as Neo-Darwinism, punctuated equilibrium is also taught in schools as one possible method by which natural selection can occur.

Observations on Punctuated Equilibrium

The only evidence for punctuated equilibrium is the lack of evidence for neo-Darwinism. As such, punctuated equilibrium is not science and should not be taught in the science classroom. Science is based on evidence not the lack of it. To say that the missing transitional fossils imply that evolution happened too quickly to leave any evidence is mere fantasy on the part of scientists such as Stephen J Gould and Niles Eldridge.

The fact that this idea is presented in scientific journals as hard science should be embarrassing to any respectable evolutionary scientist. Punctuated equilibrium only serves to show that many scientists agree that the fossil record does not record slow changes in organisms over long periods of time. The fossil record shows fully developed life forms without any earlier transitional forms. A fantasy does nothing to change that fact.

Isn't Evolution Just A Theory?

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