Black Log Timber Screws

Black log timber screws.
  • Strong and reusable.
  • These screws are easy to install.
  • Greater holding power than spikes.
  • 1,000 hour corrosion resistance (ACQ/salt spray).
  • Ideal for big timbers, logs and landscaping projects.

Features of our Black Log Timber Screws

These screws are a great alternative to spikes. They are made of heat-treated and hardened steel. They are easily driven and reusable. Black Log timber screws are ideal for fastening big timbers, logs and other large wood products. They are an excellent screw for all landscaping projects.

With their 5/16" hex-head they are easy to install and have great holding power. The coating on these screws has been tested for over 1,000 hours with ACQ and salt spray. They are exceptional for all exterior wood working projects. With a very sharp tip and knurled shank these timber screws are easy to drive.

To learn more about our ceramic coated Black Log timber screws download the Black Log timber screws brochure. And, to learn more about all of our high quality construction screws visit the Big Timber Advantage page.

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