Exterior Wood Screws

Bronze star flatheaad wood screws.
  • Exterior grade wood screws made for treated wood.
  • Designed to sit flush with the surface.
  • Great for all wood-working projects.
  • No need for pre-drilling in most materials.
  • 1,200 hour corrosion resistance (ACQ and salt spray).

The benefits of using our BTX Bronze Star Flat Head Wood Screws

Our Big Timber brand Bronze Star wood screws are the highest quality wood screws available anywhere. Download the Bronze Star Screws brochure to see what makes these screws the best in the industry. Our BTX Bronze Star wood screws have a Torx/star drive. A Torx drive provides twice the torque of either a Phillips or square drive screw. These screws are easy to drive. And because a Torx/star drive virtually eliminates camout these wood screws are easily reusable.

They feature a Type 17 tip which starts fast and clean. The knurled shank reams a hole in the material that makes the screw much easier to drive. Spiral notches in the threads help to cut through fibrous material easily.

With their triple ceramic coating these screws are ideal for all wood-working projects. They are made for exterior use and when using treated lumber. (If you are working inside with untreated wood you can save some money by using our Gold Star screws instead.)

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