Always the Same I may change but God never does. I have spent most of my life looking for happiness and satisfaction in all the wrong places.

The Ark God used Noah's ark to save the animals. But the Bible never said that the animals went two-by-two into the ark with their heads bowed down. Maybe they were having a little fun along the way.

August Nights I wrote this one for my wife. But since I do not sing too well she never gets to hear it.

I was Heading to the Local Bar I have no idea where this one came from. I have spent a lot of time in bars but this is not autobiographical - although it might be close.

Who Will Love the Children? At one time I felt that I had a somewhat neglected childhood. After many years I realize how wrong I was. But there are many children who are not loved.

Love Circles Higher I wrote this long before I got married. The song is about learning what love is - through good times and bad.

Dear Lord Please Hear My Prayer I've spent time visiting the elderly in nursing homes. So often I would hear the stories of their lives. And how hard it was for them to know that they were going to die, lying in a bed in some strange room, all alone.

Don't Lift Your Head A soldier, in some forgotten war, holds a child and feels the loneliness of isolation.

Dreams Are Better Than Life So many people long for riches and fame to bring them happiness. God says very clearly in His word that only He can satisfy.

For My Father I wrote this one for my dad. I never sang it for him and he died not knowing I had even written it. But knowing him he would not have been too impressed anyway. That wouldn't make any difference to me - I still wrote what I felt.

The Hands of Time I read the book of Lamentations and looked at my world. This was my take on what I saw.

Have You Seen Him A song about the resurrection of Lazaurus as told in the Bible. It is from the viewpoint of Mary.

Take Me Home Lord A prayer of mine that I would look for God to be lord of my life and not the things of this world.

Let All Creation Sing God's word says that creation speaks of God's power.

Look Away God says that what can we see is temporary but that which we cannot see - that is eternal.

Lonely Hill My thoughts of Jesus Christ on the night that he was betrayed. And how I betray Him almost every day of my life.

Momma Please Don't Let Me See You Cry Not sure where this one came from. It is the story of a condemned slave about to be executed.

Another Fine Morning Song about a married man that gets divorced and then lives alone in drunken solitude. I wrote it before I got married, I am still married to that same person and I have never been divorced. Therefore I really have no idea of where this came from.

Old Man I Know You Cry A song about a father who loved his life more than anything - including his son. Not auto-biographical in the least - either as a son or a father.

Ragged Man A Christian, just like myself, who professes to love God but does not love his neighbor. And we all know what God has to say about that kind of life.

I've A Reason For Believing A song that I wrote about the second coming of Christ.

He Is Risen A song of thanks for the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Someday Soon A song of anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes When I Wake Up I might have been a little depressed when I wrote this one. It comes from the sadness of eveyday life.

Sweet Water River I lived in a cabin on a mountainside in Colorado miles from any road. I could hear the river down below. It wasn't called Sweetwater however - it was the Snake. Somehow that name did not fit the song.

Going To Take My Life A song of determination to live my life for God. Years later and I still struggle to do it.

I Hope That You Will Understand A song that I wrote for my mother. Just like my dad's song, she died without ever hearing it or even knowing that I wrote it.