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This website is currently undergoing some major changes. The three products which I invented are soon to be gone and no longer available for sale. So why is this page still here? For three reasons:
  1. I still hope that people who visit this page will take the time to read my blog.
  2. I found marketing to be much harder than inventing. Maybe someone who visits this site will see some value in my products and continue their existence.
  3. And lastly, I put a lot of effort into these products over the years and wrote the code for the website myself. I still find it rewarding to see the results of my efforts.
Things may not have worked out exactly as I had hoped. But another chapter in the story of Jeften LLC may soon be written.
Jeften LLC makes products that are unique in the building industry. We strive to make items that will save you money and produce a higher quality finished product. Everything that we sell is available on-line. We have no distributors and no over-head. Our products include hidden deck fasteners for composite decking, steel posts for wood fences and brackets for steel rail perimeter fencing.
Aphano Hidden Deck Fasteners
Hidden deck fasteners are a natural for composite decking. There is no need to see screws on your nice, new and expensive composite deck. Aphano hidden fasteners are economical and they are also easy to install.
The VersaPost
The VersaPost is a steel post that can be hidden or even made to look like a black iron post. With the VersaPost the entire fence can be easily installed by one person. This makes it perfect for the DIY. Now your beautiful wood privacy fence will last a lifetime.
Roundrail Fence Brackets
For economical and maintenance free perimeter fencing nothing beats the ease of using RoundRail fence brackets. No more rotting posts or broken vinyl rails. The RoundRail fence Bracket fits over an ordinary 2 3/8" fence post. The posts can be driven or set in concrete. Steel perimeter fencing has never been so easy and affordable.

About Us

Jeften LLC is a small family owned company located in north-western Montana. We have no distributors and virtually no overhead. All of our products are shipped directly to the consumer at the lowest possible cost. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction for all of our products. If you have any comments or questions please be sure to let us know.

Our company motto is "building for the future". I believe however that building for the future means more than just selling plastic or steel parts. I know that there are much more important things in life then material things. There are those who say that one should not mix business with personal beliefs. Some say that we might lose sales because of those beliefs. I feel however that the possible consequences are worth the risks. It is my hope that people will either buy, or not buy, our products based upon the merits of the products themselves. Please visit my Blog to learn more about me and what I believe.

Thank you.

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