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On these pages I take the opportunity to explain my viewpoints on various subjects. This space also gives me a chance to record those things that have affected my own outlook on life. In some ways this has turned out to be a record of my own personal journey. I also take this opportunity to show my creative side.

The Evidence for Science and the Christian Faith

Science has become a source of truth for many people. And yet most people, including many scientists and educators, appear to have a basic misunderstanding of what science is. They do not understand what science can do - and what it cannot. And many Christians are led to believe that their faith is not based on evidence. Christians are commanded by God to have an answer for those who ask them why they believe. Christians today need to have a basic understanding of science in order to properly defend their faith.

I have written a paper entitled "The Evidence for Science and for the Christian Faith". In this paper I point out some of the misconceptions regarding modern science. Much of the paper is devoted to the evidence for, and against, the idea of evolution. I conclude the paper with evidence that supports the Christian faith.

The Evidence for Science and for the Christian Faith


I have also written a number of letters covering a wide range of topics. Some have been published in the local paper. Some have been submitted to national magazines such as National Geographic. Others are published only on-line. I have sorted them somewhat into categories. In all cases I make a brief statement as to what the letter is about.



At one time I thought that I had a gift for song writing. That turned out not to be true. But writing songs does allow me to express myself in a way that I otherwise would not. I consider these songs to be a sort of musical journal. For each song I give a brief reason for writing it. (All songs are in PDF format)



As I have learned things I decided to make some video tutorials that may help other people. I think that video tutorials can be a great way to learn. But they can also be very annoying. I do not like watching a 45 minute tutorial that could have been done in 5. Sometimes I cannot hear, or understand, the person speaking. And, watching the mouse cursor spin circles drives me crazy. So I have decided to try something different. Very short, and very concise, tutorials. No music and no mumbling. Tutorials
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