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What our customers have to say Aphano hidden deck fasteners.

"They worked very well on my project and my deck looks great. Thank you for your product." .... R.M. (home-owner)

"Enclosed please find 160 unused Aphano fasteners I am returning. The deck surface looks great with no holes in it. .... J.L. (home-owner) (Note: A refund for the unused fasteners was mailed out the same day.)

"They worked great like always." .... R.D. (contractor)

"The Aphano fasteners were everything that you said they were and accomplished the narrow spacing that we wanted. We are very pleased with the finished product. If you ever need a reference we would be happy to recommend this product to anyone that needs a really great fastener system." W.O. (home-owner)

"Everything worked well and am glad I chose your product." .... J.S (home-owner)

"By using your fasteners, screws, and even your magnetic bits, I was once again able to transform a grungy tired deck into something sleek and new. Unlike every other fastener on the market, your fasteners flex with changes in temperature and moisture and soil movement, allowing the deck surface to retain its appearance, no matter the movement in joists and posts. The home-owners are ecstatic. Every outlet that sells decking material should be offering these fasteners, since they are the only, I repeat, the only way to use composites and end up with a truly professional look. Before purchasing from you, I looked at every kind of deck fastener available, and not one matched up, from biscuit cutter methods to metal clips. I hope your business does well." .... J.R. (contractor)

"I want to voice my satisfaction with your product as it relates to the look after installation." .... M.M. (home-owner)

"Here are the deck fasteners I didn't use. They worked great and look great. You have a terrific product in my opinion. Can you send me a check?" .... G.C. (home-owner) (Note: A refund for the unused fasteners was mailed out the same day.)

"We used the system this weekend to construct a 8' x 24' deck. My son's in law thought the system looked very "cheesy" (I assume that meant cheap), however less than an hour into the system we were all believers! It is a great system and not that hard to use. Our deck looks awesome with no visible fasteners. Thanks again." .... B. A (home-owner)

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